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Plasma is an electrically neutral, ionized fluid (usually gas, but sometimes mixed with dust grains) composed of ions, electrons, and neutral particles. It is a type of matter distinct from solids, liquids, and fully neutral gases. The solar windplasma flowing out from the sun [[Glossary/ solar wind]] and the plasmaa fourth state of matter where atoms are broken down into ions and separate electrons [[Glossary/plasma]] in the Earth’s magnetosphereThe region of space dominated by the magnetic field of a star or planet. Earth’s magnetosphere takes on a tear-drop shape under the influence of the flowing solar wind. [[Glossary/magnetosphere]] are fully ionized plasmas. The Sun’s photospherethin layer of the solar atmosphere that is the source of most Solar photons [[Glossary/photosphere]] and Earth’s ionosphereAn atmospheric layer in which a small fraction of electrons have been separated from their parent ions by energetic processes. Solar photons, solar protons and auroral particles, with sufficient energy, strip the electrons to produce a weak plasma. [[Glossary/ionosphere]] are partially ionized plasmas.

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